Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Fall Free for all

With the shitvan, being far to shitty to take to Amerikuh, the plan was for Mandi and I to take our truck down for her birthday and bring Kelsey and Dion with us. As always though, the Gnar gods care not for the plans of men and Kelsey broke herself off at winsport leaving her with a broken leg and a bunch of metal in it and no desire to cramp herself into my truck for six hours. Kurts prayers had been answered and at 8am on friday we loaded the little ginger into the backseat with Dion and headed for the Boat. Kurt had never been to the states before, Dion and Mandi had never been to maryhill, so it was a bunch of firsts for everyone. The foxy lady coffee shop was a prime example of this. (its exactly as awesome as your mental picture). We had planned to meet up with friends from my first skatecrew Kevin LeFrank (who does all the work at Kebbek Longboards I hear),  Keenan Greenzo, and Jackson Hilts, that also never shaped up, as we poached camping with the yankee's, watched guns get fired, and i slapped aside a firecracker from hitting my face (which was actually the gnarliest thing i've ever done). Day one at maryhill was awesome, tons of runs with friends new and old, Chris Mcbride showed up with an extra street luge, people crashed super hard. Kurt, Dion, Mandi and Kevein broke their marycherry Max got to spend the day with his American family the Mortons. Mexican food and beer was the order of the night, which of course led to gas and groans as the order of the next morning. Day two found Mandi and I doing no braking runs down maryhill on the street luge, other people doing naked runs, Zak Maytum (might have spelled the name wrong) set a new track record on a Gbike (i think, lets call that rumour for now) and Dion found his zone. More beer, but no mexican rounded off the last night of our trip and monday morning we started home. the trip back went better than expected, we caught a ferry that we were told was oversold and got home early. I will never stop in mt vernon again after getting hit on by local latino chicks (hey sexy, want a ride somewhere) than called a bitch ass nigga when i tried to explain i was married but didn't have a ring on. Kurt got his fourloco on and I had the best pulled pork sandwich of my entire life. Pictures and video to come.

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