Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Biggs podium shots

"I just don't know what to do with my hands"

The shitvan's first trip of the year went well, we had some new riders (Max and Wyatt) and some vet's, (well, we had Dale, cause, we'll always have Dale) and with the seats full and room for a hitcher, we took off. The Biggs/Dumont race was pretty awesome, Mike made us stand at the top of both hills, and wait for a coin toss to decide which one we were skating down. Dion took a minor tumble in a practise run that led to a major board search, but luckly that would be it for crashs. Racing went well, well over thirty boarders showed up, many new faces and we proceded to grind it out. For a fatpower hill I suprised myself, and Shaun and Sloat cleaned up. Recomer Brandon Gold (I spelled your last name wrong I think but I don't care.) took 4th as a welcome return from several years trekking to the far east to join the circus. Amy and Mike threw a kickass outlaw, and thanks to Hans and Mike's dad for driving shuttles and all the random moms that threw down.

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