Sunday, 2 December 2012

Levi and Keenan! Famous in south afrika!

I think this translates to "this weekend is fucking shit" but i could be wrong. pulled it from facebook.

If anyone doesn't remember, Keenan was in first place in his heat, Levi was second, their closest competitor was literally thirty seconds back, First round of racing. Well, as Keenan is quickly learning, its first or last on the island, Levi went for the pass and ate shit, they both crossed the finish line on the bellies and were elimated, because for some reason, North America's fastest race doesn't play by Man rules.

Props to Keenan for stumbling onto this, and Andy Russell for a sick picture. and whoever put red font on it, I Guess. 

For the record, any South Island Skate race you come to, your always welcome to crash past the line.

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