Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Shitvan MIA: Saltspring slasher

"what we have here, is a failure, to communicate" Rolling up to Bens house on friday at noon, the Van wasn't there. no amount of calls to Ben resulted in an answer. so we went to plan B, load my truck with everyones Gear, then make them all hitchhike. It actually worked pretty well, given how easy it is to get from Victoria to Ganges. we met at the skatepark, seshed the bowl for a bit, then headed up to juniper to set up camp. Camping was waay up at the top of slasher this year, which was actually pretty awesome. amazing view. we woke up the next day, got ready to head into town for breakfast and registration at the church, got my truck out of the parking nightmare that was the campsite. Then found that Adrian was doing breakfast and registration at the top of the hill. awesome. The race itself was broken up into different classes. under 14, 18 and under, Pro and Am. Hubris in full swing, I raced Pro along with my Ontario friend Jason Epp. Racing was quick, no major incidents or injuries kept things moving along. Dane Hanna won under 14, and would later on make top 8 in open. Open class was added because we got through the rounds so fast, Levi De bruin and Ben sloat both made it quite far. pretty awesome race by all accounts. We cooled down the day with a shitvan Channel ridge session, 7 man packs down that hill is always fun. Skated a few new runs and called it a day. moving on to the party, Sloat passed out first, and as i winded down the night i actually thought i was one of the last to go to bed, little did i know Sloat was going to awake with a second wind, team up with Wolfgang and proceed to spend the rest of the night making bad desicions. The next morning i woke early to drive Jason to the 7am ferry so he could make a flight out of vancouver. Ethan, a ontario alum who now lives in Vancouver (and maybe works at landy, i can't remember?) tagged along so he could get back to Van to pursue a lady friend. A half hour trip accross the island, about 40 min loitering around the grocery store eating breakfast, and a bumpy gravel road trip later, i found wolf passed out far in the back of the van sleeping under packing blankets. I was unsure how he managed to sleep through all that until i tried to wake Ben up around 830 and realized that they must have been up all night. (strike, i hear they were looting beers from the cribb bomb while you slept). we spent the next day skating, and trying to muster the energy to skate (it was really hot) A grom blew a spot out and a not so grom made some tired descisions, so we decided to call it a weekend and go full lurk mode at fulford harbour till the ferry at 4. Last legit race of the year for the shitvan, thank god. We're getting pretty tired. shit. Outlaw season is apon us. see you guys at the Splinter outlaw on sunday.

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