Monday, 30 July 2012


Instagramming the instagram. Awkwardness with the locals and a gnarly race at the Bombertown outlaw! Thanks to Switchback longboards and Rayne longboards for prizes!
With the shitvan half full, we skated a bunch of Malahat gems, met up for Nick Jeans super gnarly and awesome course. mild tresspassing insued, but i stopped worrying about that when they asked us to close the gate when they left. Nick Jean came first, Browntown second and Ryan kadoranian third. After spending one glorious day without a tensor on my knee, I bailed straight onto it again. Our very own Ben Sloat acted like a big puss and came 4th. Victoria Local Josh Davis showed for his very first race, considering just how gnarly the course was he impressed the shit outta everyone. Thanks to Nick for putting it together and switchback and rayne longboards for throwing down prizes. cya at Giants Head

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