Sunday, 3 June 2012

With five hay slaves and my self, the van got to erics campground at 1130 thursday night, only to find that we couldn't start hay till 2pm the next day. so we used the time to let some of the volunteers poach a run on the middle section of the wash when eric wasn't looking. A great many of the hay slaves hadn't gone that fast or ridden a hill that long before so great times were had. Setting up the hay took several hours, but many hands made light work. Race day was epic, pouring rain made rivers in the road so deep that a new breaking method was quickly devolped, full speed into the rivers to creat drag instead of airbreaking. Levi De Bruin tried to make an epic last minute pass before the finish line only to crash out in front of Keenan and have them both cross the finish line full speed on they're backs. Victoria grommet Kurt Gallent took 4th place in juniors and Regular undergrounds Liam Poirer took 3rd in juniors. The next days trip home included sneaking in some long bombs on the wash and 3 great runs on a horne lake area favorite before the rain moved in. after a quick pit stop in Nanimo to see the after math of second place finisher Luke Nolan's birthday party we moved on to beat the rain to Ladysmith, a small town of epically steep streets and amazing driveway slashes. A quick poached run on a Malahat favorite and everyone was back for sunday afternoon.

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